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'Barbie' review

I have just returned from my third viewing of 'Barbie', and again grinned the whole way through. It is a total joy to be immersed in the bright pink utopia of Barbieland: an escapist girl power fantasy to which I already can't wait to return. Barbieland is a female paradise, where all women are  happy, successful and independent, and every night is "girls' night". Barbies are  astronauts, Nobel prize winners and Presidents, and every day is perfect . As far as the Barbies are concerned, this is also the case in the real world, where, a s Helen Mirren's voice-over narrates: “thanks to Barbie,  all problems  of  feminism  and equal rights  have been solved .” Margot Robbie is perfect as "stereotypical Barbie", who must save Barbieland from the patriarchy, after discovering that the real world is not quite the same feminist idyll she imagined. Her pink bubble bursts when she confidently roller-skates up to a construction site, as "where better