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'Gates' Review

  'Gates’ is the story of two estranged sisters, and the multifaceted, often messy nature of sibling relationships. Lily Walbeoffe and Iona Champain play sisters Ella and Grace, in a beautifully shot and excellently acted short film. I am particularly interested in the representation of female relationships in film, and raw portrayals of sisterhood. Walbeoffe and Champain lived together for four days prior to shooting, and their onscreen chemistry is totally believable. “We lived and breathed as sisters”, Lily explained. Sibling relationships are difficult to recreate on-screen, for risk of seeming contrived or melodramatic, but the dialogue is almost entirely improvised, which enhances the film’s naturalistic tone. In its 40 minute run-time, 'Gates' explores sibling relationships more effectively than many feature length films I have seen. Lily Walbeoffe described the frequent “cookie cutter” one dimensional depiction of women on-screen, and how both she and Iona wante